What is Data Warehousing?

Data warehouse is a collection of data gathered and organized so that it can easily be analyzed, extracted, synthesized and otherwise be used for the purpose of further understanding the data. It may be contrasted with the data that it is gathered to meet immediate business objectives such as order and payment transactions, although the data would also usually become part of a data warehouse.

Avenir Data warehousing mainly includes methods and support for project management, project control and the project lifecycle. It addresses organizational factors, such as business buy-in and resource control. It address key technical issues from extraction of data for building the information delivery applications. A very important aspect of data warehousing is that it provides a straight forward mechanism for communicating and documenting the project.

What are benefits of Data warehousing?

  • With the help of data warehousing the query execution which does not involve data translation and communication with remote sources, complex queries can be executed easily and efficiently.
  • End users can use a single data model and query language
  • System design becomes simpler
  • Information sources may be unreliable and may purge data. On the other hand, information at the warehouse is under the control of the warehouse users; it can be stored safely and reliable for a long necessary