Creating advantage for our clients and for our employees-is not simply a theoretical construct at Avenir. It is part of our intellectual history. It is the utmost goal of our client engagements and the driving force behind how we think about careers at Avenir. We create lasting competitive advantage for our clients, while at the same time creating personal competitive advantage in the form of uniform skills and insights for each of our employees.

Smart people, diverse talents

We use both sides of our brains. When you put brilliant creatives, master strategists, technical geniuses, and process gurus all in a room together, the energy and ideas explode. We constantly learn new things from each other.

Projects that inspire

We really are changing the way the world works. Doing things that have never been done before. With the smartest of the household names and the dot-coms that are redefining the networked economy with our help.

Personal impact

We tend to be the kind of people who don't wait to be asked. Speaking your mind and making a personal impact—from day one—is a given. If you're here, you're here to make a difference.

The right environment

We don't swim with the sharks here. We work in a place where teams are, well, teams. Where creativity and collaboration win the day. We're too busy moving forward to watch our backs, or to fret over ties or titles. 

Growth on demand

We think old standards of advancement just don't apply in this new world. We want new skills, new levels of responsibility, new challenges, and new experiences. We get them because we go after them—not because we're next in line on somebody's org chart.